Monday, September 12, 2011

5 am feeding*

just put them in the play pin
turn on the tv
throw a few Cheerios in the pin
and go back to bed
they will be fine

*this is the truth of my sister's upbringing
mine is not yet clear

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Erin Caden Rogers said...

love it. this must have been a common thing because i remember robin telling me that if i were ever hung over and just couldn't "face the day" to sprinkle cheerios in rutledge's crib and go back to bed for an hour. also, robin is f.a.m.o.u.s for her "raising" of matt....they would take him along to parties (before he could walk) and put a few quilts in the bathtub, sprinkle cheerios on top of the quilt and whenever someone went in to the bathroom to "do their business", they were to tell the alleged parentals that their offspring was safe in the tub. God I long for the 70's when parents didn't have a care in the world. robin also loves to talk about how matt had the WORST diaper rash...then she proceeded to tell me that she started giving him prune juice at 2 weeks old. ummm, do you think that had something to do with it?!?!?! what newborn needs prune juice? i don't know how we all survived. period.